“If someone had told me that a pimp could come in a 3-piece suit with business cards I might have been saved.”   – Rachel Thomas, testimony before LA County Board of Supervisors

Not all traffickers are created equal; neither are their victims.  With human trafficking being the #1 FASTEST GROWING CRIME IN AMERICA, we are seeing more and more diversity in trafficker strategies and victim demographics.  We must move past a “them” mindset to an “us” mindset.  Anyone can be targeted by a trafficker.

“Education is the best inoculation”  – Steve Hassan, Freedomofmind.com

Sowers’ Sex Trafficking Prevention presentations aim to spread awareness and help prevent this devastating crime from ruining more lives.  We tailor each presentation to our audience.  Past audiences include teenagers, parent groups, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, medical professionals, college students, news outlets and more.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Global, national and local statistics on trafficking
  • What makes youth most vulnerability to trafficking?
  • Signs of grooming and victimization
  • What every parent can do to help keep their child safe
  • Ways to get involved in the anti-trafficking fight
  • Rachel’s story and other survivor stories
  • Common types of traffickers and their strategies, including the CEO Pimp
  • The media’s glamorization of promiscuity, stripping, pimping and prostitution
  • Legal definitions and policies concerning commercial sexual exploitation of a child (CSEC)
  • Psychological effects of “the life” on victims, including trauma bonds
  • Coercion and mind control in trafficking
  • Best practices for interacting with victims

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