Educational Resources


HANDOUT: Pimp Tactics, Signs of Vulnerability, Grooming, & Trafficking

More Handouts from Rebecca Bender Ministries



Polaris Project
(Anti-Human Trafficking organization leading the abolitionist movement)
(Washington Times writer on Sex Trafficking & Media Influence in the United States)

Guide: Criminal Operations of the American Pimp
(7-page article on pimp culture & how to protect your children)

Slavery No More
(Great site to learn about a variety of Anti-Human Trafficking organizations and Human Trafficking information)

CA Dept. of Justice on Human Trafficking
(Statistics and information on reporting and getting help in CA)

Cover Girl Culture
(Media Literacy Organization offering workshops on body image, self-esteem, bullying, and social activism)

Teen Revolt
(Anti-Human Trafficking organization promoting peer-to-peer education and fundraising.)
***Great for TEACHERS***

Families Against Sex Trafficking
***Great for Families of Survivors***

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives
(Powerful non-profit taking the modern-day abolotionist movement to NYC schools.)



Runaway Girl, Carissa Phelps

Girls Like Us, Rachel Lloyd

Combatting Cult Mind Control, Steve Hassan

Scars And Stilettos, Harmony Dust

Walking Prey, Holly Austin Smith

Anybody’s Daughter, Pamela Samuels-Young

Roadmap to Redemption, Rebecca Bender (a book for survivors)

Watch Educational Videos at the bottom of the “Where We’ve Sown” Page

***If you or someone you know may be involved in sex trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline, 1-888-3737-888. All calls are confidential.***


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