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Ending The Game © (ETG) is a groundbreaking sex trafficking intervention curriculum that reduces feelings of attachment to traffickers and/or a lifestyle characterized by commercial sexual exploitation. To learn more about the curriculum, click here.

2 ways to bring ETG to your organization…

License Staff

Choose the licensing package that’s right for your organization and train your staff to facilitate Ending The Game. Facilitators must complete an initial 6-hour virtual training to be licensed and an annual 4-hour virtual training to renew licensing. ETG licenses are given only to individuals who complete ETG Facilitator Training, not to an organization as a whole.

Hire Licensed ETG Facilitators

Trained ETG facilitators will are available to facilitate ETG with your clients.
(This option is currently available in these counties. Please email for more information.)

*Where possible, it is ideal to license in-house staff and hire a local licensed ETG survivor-facilitator to co-facilitate the curriculum.

**Get 20% OFF of Setup/Training Fee & 1st month subscription now through Dec. 31, 2014!**  Use promo code: ETG2014

Ending the Game Lesson Screenshot

To facilitate Ending The Game, you will need:

  • 2 licensed ETG co-facilitators per group of 4 to 10 students (adapted lessons are available for 1-on-1 facilitation)
  • classroom space, preferably circle seating to facilitate group interaction
  • internet access for curriculum materials and videos
  • screen and speakers for students to watch videos (tablet or laptop is fine for small groups, larger groups may need projector or TV)
  • class materials: white board or large poster paper, printed handouts
  • student materials: folders, notebooks, pens, markers, etc. (approximately $10 per student)
  • activity materials (materials listed in lesson plans, approximately $2 per student)
  • (optional) snacks, incentives/rewards
After purchasing a licensing package, facilitators must complete a 6-hour virtual training.  Upon completion each facilitator will be given a personal invitation to access the online ETG curriculum and community:

  • 10 adaptable lessons, each with two hours of powerful sex trafficking intervention material
  • ETG Survivor Sisters video- a diverse group of survivors sharing their experiences with psychological coercion  (watch video preview below)
  • pre and post evaluation materials
  • a growing library of supplemental learning materials to keep ETG fresh and ongoing
  • membership to a community of ETG facilitators with the ability to read and post comments, share best practices, compare outcomes, etc.

**Get 20% OFF of Setup/Training Fee & 1st month subscription now through Dec. 31, 2014!**  Use promo code: ETG2014

Real life survivors talk about how they ENDED “The Game”…

**Get 20% OFF of Setup/Training Fee & 1st month subscription now through Dec. 31, 2014!**  Use promo code: ETG2014

One thought on “Get ETG

  1. What a powerful and necessary curriculum you have provided. There is hope, help and options to this despicable situation. Thanks for Sowers Education Group and all that participated to tell their story to help other.


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